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It’s not a park, it’s a powerhouse. Not an office, but a strategy. Not a structure, but a movement. Not a building, but an ecosystem.

Green Transition from Idea to Finish.

Our purpose is to create an international innovation platform of spaces and services focused on advancing the research and development of green technologies – for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Optimal spaces and services for your business

Our versatile and sustainably managed facilities are designed to accommodate your business needs. With a focus on adaptability, we provide a ready-made, multifaceted destination for your operations. You can concentrate on your core business – we take care of the rest.

An empowering work environment

Our solution offers the optimal setting for your team to thrive and innovate. We foster a collaborative network, enabling the formation of communities and creating new business opportunities.

The responsible choice

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, reflected in everything we do. Choosing us as the location for your business is the responsible choice.

Legacy Turning green

Kaapelitie 4 is an address deeply rooted in the history of Nokia’s innovation, representing a rich legacy of technological brilliance and forward-thinking. Standing on the shoulders of giants, these spaces are now poised to be a beacon of modern innovation and enterprise for new generations of innovative businesses.

Positioned in Arctic Europe and resonating globally, Kuura Innovation House is not about renting an office; it’s about joining a lineage of innovation. About building a unique and uninterrupted chain of knowledge and production.

These premises that housed one legend, will soon open their doors for many new ones.